NuPolar-Lights Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. is a professional LED design and packaging manufacturers. NuPolar-Lights has the world’s first hybrid COB LED light technology with a number of global patents. In order to create and broaden the uses and application of LED light sources, NuPolar-Lights uses the combination of LED light source technology, mechanical design, energy savingdesign,agricultural biotechnology and biotechnology professionals to help research and develop many different applications of LED light, LED modules and LED light source systems.These lights, modules and system can be used on variety of special lighting,such as plant lights, ecological farming lights, aquarium lights, medical surgical lamps, medical beauty lights, high CRI\CAIlights, refrigerationlights,ink UV curing lamps and commercial lighting, etc.NuPolar-Lights customize different areas of special applications using or combining different high-end technology. In addition to general lighting technology, NuPolar-Lights is commitment to specialty lighting, and strives to achieve each customer satisfaction in the field of specialty lighting.

NuPolar-Lights is devoted in the agricultural sector, and committed to exploring how to optimize LED spectrum, energy source to design and create the ideal plants light sources. Together with the professional management and nutrients fluid control technology has generated a better growth environment than sunlight, a faster growth rate and more intact growth patterns, thus achieving economic value increased dramatically. While NuPolar-Lights has continue to refine agricultural cultivation techniques, with the field of technology transfer to the client s, dramatically improving customer’s crop harvest of fruits and vegetables both on the field and greenhouses.NuPolar-Lights has many current successful cases, technical development and breakthroughs and would love to do the same for you.

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